my highlight @ TieCon 2007 : Elementeo

As someone who speaks publicly for a living, it irks me a little bit when professional "speakers" don't speak well. In public. I must say that while I'm terribly impressed by the lineup of speakers at TieCon, not one of those speakers have impressed me with their speaking abilities, yet (this is as of 1am, 5/18/07) . So the highlight of my day was interviewing Anshul, 13 year old CEO of Elementeo. Anshul had by far the best speaker-like demeanor amongst all the people I'd met there. And he's 13. And he's a CEO. And he's a rockstar. And he made me feel a little stupid(er). .


The Elementeo Brain-Trust

Seriously, did I just interview a company of 4 13 year olds (actually 3 13 year olds and a 11 year old)? Did that just happen?

PS: For some reason, my podcast isn't quite behaving and streaming the way I expected. I'll update the post with the link to the podcast as soon as I figure out what's happening.

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