my new favorite show - FNL

"Friday Night Lights". Love the show. The drama's gripping. The cinematography is awesome. The story is way too predictable in a lot of ways, like the starting QB, who gets knocked out of the game and gets hospitalized in the first episode, and his cheerleader girlfriend who's stunningly gorgeous hooks up with his BFF, right, who is also on the football team, and their guilt gets the better of them but they feel they still need to visit the starting QB in the hospital while not revealing their secret relationship to him. That's just ONE of the several side stories, but the whole highschool football backdrop is just way too hard for me to resist. And, of course, the panthers win all their games. They always come back from behind and win.

I almost cried last night when Tim gave Jason the game ball.

Watch it, its so, like, awesome.


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