my shirt

Now that most of the most significant people in my life have left me, I decided to make myself feel good in other ways. New Year's Eve Eve was hella interesting last year (akyboy can tell you all about it, if his brain cells are still intact). I spent all afternoon watching all 10 episodes of one of my favorite shows, FNL, which made me feel kinda good.

I have a shirt I'd bought from the DKNY store (in NYC) some time last year. It was love at first sight... I saw the shirt, and I had to buy it. It's a simple, plain white shirt. Here, have a go at it :

(I'm leaning slightly to my left in this picture. I'm not disfigured, just FYI)

See? Simple. Plain. White. But, something about it is pretty striking. It fits me like no other shirt I've ever had on. Also, you'll notice that the sleeves aren't exactly short, they're slightly long, although the shirt is a small. It's of perfect length. Also, the shirt accentuates some other bodily features of mine. Anyhow, in order to make me feel good, I wanted to dress up and go out with some friends on NYEE. Although its freezing out, and the shirt's a half-sleever, I was going to wear it.

So, I started looking for my shirt at 7pm. I couldn't find it. I kept searching and searching (and I have a lot of clothes, my friend's will attest to this). I couldn't believe I'd lost my shirt. I've more-or-less lost or misplaced everything that is dear to me in the last couple of weeks, and this was NOT going to happen. To catch you up - all my favorite people have left me and are moving far away or are busy making babies, and my sister dropped and broke my favorite mug last week :

my broken mug

But my shirt is not in my apartment. I searched every possible corner in this little shoebox and I can say with authority that my shirt is not here.

I don't give up very easy. So I took off for Neiman Marcus in Union Square at 8pm so that I could buy me that shirt. Didn't find my shirt there. Apparently, winter is in, and they don't carry summery clothes there at this time. Same deal with Nordstrom, Saks Fifth and Macy's. Nothing.

Sometimes even in the most bleak situations, you look for the smallest things that can pick you up, even if its just for a small period of time. Macy's was my last stop, and this bizzare looking setup just blew my mind :

(That's a picture of a mannequin hand, tugging on a mannequin's shirt.)

I wasn't sure what shoppers were supposed to gather from this, exactly, but, that kept me busy for 10 minutes or so. I didn't find my shirt. And I threw myself a hissy fit and went home. And watched Batman Begins, again.

So, yippee, here's to a fantastic 2007.