(my) the greatest fan of your life

Every now and then you come across these people - these artists, these maestros of life who you are just in awe of. Who leave these impeccable impressions on you for life. My life comprises of a giant mesh of such influences by people. More recently, I've had the privilege of spending a lot of my time with one such person - we will call her "the 1MG".

I've been very fortunate. Great parents. Great sibling. Surrounded by amazing people all my life, most of who have been women. Most of my cousins from both sides of my family are girls (some women, now). And I've had the occasional luxury, occasional grimace of watching them go through their lives. I've learned different things from each of these women because at any given point in time they all served different roles in their lives.

The 1MG is just just an amazing representation of everything that is a woman. She's a great older sibling. A caring friend. A dedicated daughter. A phenomenal cousin.

A lot of times I look at my own life and point out deficiencies, and think about everything I don't have, and stuff I want. And then I look at the 1MG - how she's always got a smile on her face no matter what. How she laughs even when she's crying. How she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders but is still just amazingly content in just knowing that it's not raining anymore and that it's sunny out. I've never heard her ever say that she just likes something; she loves everything. I've never heard her use the word 'hate'.

The 1MG is always challenging herself - she wants to be a better person (more so than she already is). She is the epitome of everything that is just amazing. And I as watch her deal with situations, situations that'd make me crumble or make me want to buy a gun (I'd never do that, btw) , she just laughs it off. Coz that is just so who she is.

So, I am the greatest fan of her life. 1MG, I don't know if I can emulate 1/1000th of who you are and how you are, but I adore you.

Now playing in my head : "Hey there Delilah", "Plain White Ts"