ok, seriously...

I've moved, like, 80 times since we broke up. And I'm still carrying gifts I got from her around with me.

It wasn't too long ago that I was conscientious... Now, I'm just annoyed. I'm looking at this brilliant painting that she made me (she is very talented). I just don't know what to do with it. I don't wanna hang on to it, because I feel in some way it's going to contribute to my bad chi. I definitely do not want to hang it up, because, you know she's talented and all, but the painting is not something I would hang up. And obviously, it'd be awkward for me to return it to her now, especially considering we don't talk to each other (and considering her husband is 6'5" 230lbs and can do a 40 in 4.4).

I threw a whole bunch of stuff away yesterday. The gifts have actually made their way to the trunk of my car. I even drove to a place where I thought I could give those away, but I couldn't do it - I just felt so bad.

So, seriously, what do I do? What would you do? Seriously, what the hell do you do with your ex's stuff? I need answers now.