pillow fight club

I was heading back home after gawking at others who were working out at the gym. As I was walking from the gym to the BART station to catch my ride back home, I was thinking to myself what some of the worst things to do on valentine’s day would have to be. On my way to the train station, I witnessed what can only be described as horrific, as random people were socking it to one another with pillows right in front of the Ferry Building (turns out I didn’t get the memo that said that there was going to be a huge pillow fight near the ferry building at 6pm on v-day). There were feathers EVERYWHERE. It felt like a giant pigeon had just been eaten. By a giant cat. More about the pillow fight here and here.

In any case, still thinking about sucky jobs to have on v-day… Walking by, I saw the homeless guy who I see every morning and evening on my way to the train station. This guy uses an interesting jingle to draw attention. He goes, “a nickle and a smile will long last a long while”. The first time I heard it, I thought it was pretty catchy. Even if he were to say, “a dime and a smile” or “a quarter and a smile”, his jingle would still rhyme and be catchy, but I suppose he isn’t being very greedy. His job (or the lack thereof) is pretty sucky. And then, I kept thinking of other really miserable jobs that might be keeping people busy on this God-forsaken day.

And the one that I think absolutely takes the cake for the worst job on v-day, has to be the job of the guy who restacks towels in the men’s locker room at the gym. I felt bad for Joe on v-day.

Currently playing in my head : “Feel Good Inc” by “Gorillaz”