seen AJAX in action?

I was demo-ing a few things to some attendees at JavaOne today, when we went on tangent and started talking about our AJAX framework, atlas. It was then that I realized I was on a demo machine that didn't have VWDE or atlas installed. One of an evangelist's several bad nightmares - not being able to demo a demo.

So comes my buddy Tim Heuer's to the rescue. If you haven't already, you have to, I mean HAVE to, check this site out. I could demo AJAX in action, and, show customers the markup and code behind each of the example, and how trivial it is to develop AJAX applications using .NET and atlas. The amount of work required on my end, was like, ZERO.

Tim has done an absolutely phenomenal job with the site and the examples. Tim da man!

PS: Did you know that we are going to be hitting the road talking AJAX in August? Stay tuned ...

tags : ajax, atlas, msdnevents, javaone