shout out to Bombay

By now many of you have heard about the bombings that happened in Bombay. I've been reluctant to blog about this for a few reasons... First, I host my blog on, which is a Microsoft-run blog server for its employees. While I can be opinionated, I need to respect the fact that I need to steer clear of topics that are religious or political in nature. So, that being said, this is a personal post, that I might as well have not published at all. Second, I wait for all kinds of incidents to sink in before I react. Sometimes I wait too long, but I like to think that I've grown up in not being impulsively reactive (not sure if that explains this post that I got at thru' Boing Boing).

I love Bombay. Its one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse cities in the world. There isn't a thing about it I'd want to change. And it hurts me to think of what happened. I've ridden those trains as a kid, and I can't imagine the chaos that must've ensued. I'm human, overly sensitive, and I remember reacting in a similar way when similar incidents happened elsewhere.

I was told that after the bombings, there were more people running towards the trains and the stations than there were people running away from it. My sister told me that as she was heading back home after being stalled in traffic for over 3 hours, she drove past a hospital where there was a sign out saying "we have enough blood, thank you". And from what I understand, life is back to normal in that crazy city.

Most of my family members live in Bombay. It was also eerily coincidental that all of my immediate family members were also in Bombay when the bombings happened.

Anyhow, without sounding too emotional, I want to applaud the Mumbaikars. Thank you for being yourself. You guys aren't even bracing, I love the "bring it" attitude.

My condolences, to all who've had to deal with this disaster. My thoughts and prayers are with you.