SilverlightDevCamp - your thoughts?

Today at iPhoneDevCamp, I chatted with Chris Messina to get his thoughts on possibly doing a SilverlightDevCamp. Chris is hoping the *DevCamp series will take off :

"I like the idea of a productive and educational DevCamp model and would like to see this meme spread further."

And, perhaps SilverlightDevCamp could help with that. Chris's thoughts were that this should be community driven, and there need to be active participants who'd be willing to lead sessions, which I'm completely in agreement with.

From my perspective :

  1. I think this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the great work non-Microsofties have already been doing with Silverlight.
  2. It'd give everyone an opportunity to hear from developers and designers who are actually working on creating products using Silverlight. You can hear about their experiences, what worked well, what didn't etc.
  3. It'll be a fantastic way for people to learn (more) about Silverlight.

If I had to take a crack at an agenda, it'd look like :

5 - 6pm      : Registration, Networking, Food, Drinks, Dance, etc.
6 - 7.30pm : Keynote - Introduction to Silverlight
7.30 - 8pm : Break
8 - 9pm      : 2 Parallel Camp Sessions
9 - 10pm    : 2 Parallel Camp Sessions
10 - 11pm  : 2 Parallel Camp Sessions
11 - whenever : Hackathon (maybe?)

The event would be held at our offices in San Francisco, but there's no reason it couldn't be replicated at other places around the world. I'm thinking some time towards the end of August would be good. We'll have met some of our Silverlight deliverables, and the camp would be a nice segue in to CodeCamp in October as well. The event would be completely free for participants, and we'd scout for sponsors to help with food and drink (no different from other Camps).

So, I'd like to understand if you'd be interested in participating in SilverlightDevCamp, and possibly even leading a session. If no, why not? There are a few topics that come to my mind that I think would make great camp sessions, but I'd like to hear from you. If you're interested in participating, please respond in the comments section below.



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