Sleepless in Ann Arbor? In Columbus?

Early this year, the USC Texas game was touted as the biggestest game ever. It made sense  - they were the two best teams at the time. That was the National Championship Game. The National Championship. This time round, the biggestest game of the year is going to be just another Big Ten game. I've forever tried to convince people that the Big 10 is the toughest conference to play football in. And this was bound to happen. This is supposed to be just another conference game, but it isn't. Its got national championship-like hype.

The Ohio State Buckeyes vs The Michigan Wolverines . #1 vs #2. Respectively. And that's how it should be for the rest of the season. I've intently watched both these teams play all season. The Buckeyes are athletic, fast, and poised. They're confident. They're so strong in every aspect of the game, even special teams, that they're inevitably the best. Troy Smith has really come in to his own. I remember all the controversies last year, with him sharing time with Justin Zwick and being suspended from school. But he's grown up. He looks like he belongs on the football field.

Michigan on the other hand, has been trying to prove itself. Llyod Carr's haters had even started But, I know Carr. I've studied him. He is quite a genius and knows what he's doing. He gets a little 'cute' every now and then. And, in some ways he's a traditional Blue and Big 10 coach. A lot of running the ball down the middle. Henne rarely works out of the shotgun. Some very aggressive defense. All in all, again a very balanced team.

I'm sure there're tons of sleepless Buckeye and Wolverine fans right now. But rest assured, if the world had any say in it, they'll play again on January 8.

If I had to pick right now, I would go with the Buckeyes. They're too strong for anyone right now. But it is gonna go down to the wire.

Go Big Ten!