StartupWeekend SF Day 2- all these cliques

The idea's been chosen. The teams have been formed. Here are all the cliques :

There's the marketing clique :


Then there're developers developers developers :

Developers Developer Developers Developers Developer Developers Developers Developer Developers

Then there's BizDev clique :


And then there's the Creative clique :


The Usability clique :


And last, but definitely not least, the Legal, umm, clique. Actually, she's her own clique. She is the whole team - that guy just wandered over there to give her some company :

Legal, umm, team

I'm really excited to be a part of this weekend - so much energy and so different from the kind of events I host or speak at on a regular basis. Huge kudos to Andrew Hyde, Tyler Willis and the rest of the crew for making this happen. Go over to for a more-or-less live blog-stream of what's happening here (and my flickr photo stream).


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