The National Youth Leadership Forum 2006

Someone recently sent me an email telling me they were getting nauseous because I was saying "too many nice things" about the events I've been attending. Well, I'm sorry, I suppose...

A couple of weekends back, I was asked to be a finalist judge for an NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology) Expo that was taking place in San Jose. The expo was week long and comprised of several different tracks. There were 9 Silicon Valley folks all in all, and we were asked to pick a winner. Each of us was assigned a project team to 'represent' and in the end we had to fight and justify why our project should win. As Jas Sandhu put it, it'd been the first time we had to evangelize someone else's project. The winner was this project called S.O.R.E (Solutions of Renewable Energy).

I've been a fan of child prodigies all my life. I think all kids have phenomenal potential, and some countries have brilliant infrastructures setup for kids to realize their true potential and succeed. I was just amazed at how much prep had gone in to some of the projects these kids had come up with. They had all kinds of information nailed down, like budgeting and feasibility, and some (like SEWERGY) even had websites created where they'd started talking about how they're going to be implementing their projects.

All in all, a wonderful experience. I'm looking forward to plug in more and be more involved with the NYLF in the coming months.


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