the number 9 and blogworthiness

Right, so, I’m no numerologist or anything. I can barely even add. But, there’s one thing I’ve had a close association with all my life, and that, is the number ‘9’. I was born on the 30th of June – 06/30. If you were to add up all the digits in the date, you’d get 0+6+3+0 =9. And so, I’ve conisdered ‘9’ to be my lucky number.

I’ve also considered multiples of ‘9’ to be lucky enough (and I know that kinda opened the scope of “lucky” numbers for me kinda infinitely). But, as we all know, multiples of 9 have this unique characteristic – if you add up all the digits of a multiple of the number ‘9’, you get the number ‘9’ (18, 27, 36… high-school math right). And this number has followed me around quite a lot.

  • I was #9 back in high-school when I played point for my basketball team (I was initially # 3, and I thought thats why I sucked so I requested for the number 9, and I still sucked, but atleast I felt confident, and screened for my center, once)
  • The first apartment building that me and my friends ever moved in to at Purdue was on “207 W. Fowler
  • The last apartment building that I stayed in – “540 Something or the other Ave.”
  • Add up the digits of my cell phone number
  • The floor that my apartment is currently on (this is a funny one because the floors in my apartment building go L, 1, 2, 3, and I live on the 8th floor)
  • Add up the number of letters in my first and last name
  • Drew Brees’ number
  • Kyle Orton’s number (#18) (he wore #18 when he was in school as well)
  • NKOTB, Dorien Bryant’s number
  • Stuart Schweigert wore #9 when he was at Purdue
  • Sachin Tendulkar at some point was #99 (and then he switched it the #10 because his last name is ‘Ten’dulkar)

And the list keeps going. Thats blog-worthy right? Besides, today is the 9th of September (9/9).

Happy Friday!