Upcoming Lunch 2.0 @ MSFT : how on earth do I...

Lunch 2.0 is coming back to Microsoft tomorrow (upcoming event info). My apologies for not blogging about it sooner - literally minutes after Terry Chay put the post up on the Lunch 2.0 blog and I setup the event info on upcoming, we had peaked our capacity.

Why do we have a limit on the number of attendees? Why can't I sign up on upcoming? Unfortunately, there is another event happening in our offices that day. So I needed to make sure that we were not exceeding the maximum number of humans allowed in our office. Sorry!

Alright, now, I have a question (a rather inane one) - I want to send everyone on the "Attending" list (on Upcoming) for this event a message asking them if they are really really going to show. If they are not, they should consider taking themselves off the "Attending" list and putting themselves on the "Watching" list. That way we can make room for others who really want to come. How on earth do I do that on upcoming? I bet it's a really simple option somewhere that I've simply overlooked. Help me!

For those of you who're coming tomorrow, I'll see you then. Ta,


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