What happens in Vegas, comes to the Valley - ReMIX07

Whoever said that what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Due to the SOLD OUT status of MIX07 , we have decided to ‘ReMIX’ with a twist right here in the Silicon Valley! remixThis event will feature a keynote from Scott Guthrie who runs Microsoft’s Silverlight and ASP.Net development teams (among others).  Get a jump start on registration as this event promises to sell out too!  To register (it’s free! ), click here.

When : Friday June 22, 2007, 7:30am – 2:00pm (I was not involved in the logistics of the start time)

Where : Microsoft’s Campus in Silicon Valley (Bldg 1), 1065 La Avenida Street, Mountain View, CA 94043

Registration Link : http://www.register123.com/event/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x39442276de

What to expect at ReMix07 Silicon Valley :

If you’re in the web business, learn about:

  • Building a better user experience to unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Forging tighter, stickier customer connections
  • Building innovative media experiences into your site

If you’re a web developer, build:

  • Silverlight applications quickly and easily
  • Sites and applications that consume Windows Live services
  • Rich, interactive sites made for the next web

If you’re a web designer, learn about:

  • Using Silverlight to design gorgeous and highly functional user interfaces
  • How a real-world application is built and the best practices associated with it
  • The suite of Expression tools that revolutionize the way designers work with developers

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