what the 'waffle', mate

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Kids are also growing up wayyyyyy too quickly.

aK and I were on the tube in London headed to Bayswater-wick-shire-ton or something. There were a lot of kids riding the tube, most of them 'sporting' cigarettes in their hands and averaging about 13 years in age. The train pulled up at the station, but the doors didn't open straight away. aK and I walked over to the door, and we saw this girl who was probably around 12 or 13 banging on the door going, "why wont this door open? what the waffle!!!"

What the "waffle"?? Where have I been living for the past 25 years? Is 'what the waffle' in, now? Jeez... kids.

Anywho, shout out to my boys aK and Ken. These guys are living the dream. They quit and left behind their extra cozy lives to move to a country they've never lived in before, and are starting life over. And, so far so good they say. They also say other things in bizzare aussie that no one else understands (like 'struth'), but it's all good. Word to the 'aussies-in-London'.