where's Scoble, you ask

So when the 200th person asked me today why Scoble, an ex-softie and one of the world's most famous 'evangelists', was missing from the GNoTECon lineup, I decided to lie. Just for the fun of it.

Annoying human : Why isn't Scoble in your GNoTE lineup?

Me : He doesn't want to be associated with evangelists anymore. He hates evangelists now. He hates all of us. He's a hater. He's a non-believer. He's the anti-evangelist.

AH : Whatevers, he doesn't know you and he doesn't want to associate with you.

Me : No. We're like the bestest of friends. BFF. We're so close that I just call him "Scoble". I even know his middle name. Its, umm, John. Did you know Scoble used to race waterboats when he was a kid. Yeah. And he loves to smoke. He's a smoker. Did you know that? Those are things only best friends know about each other.

AH : So what've you guys done 'together'?

Me : Last year, we went to Denmark. And we did the safety dance. Twice.

And so it went on... In reality, Scoble was a speaker we had on our list early early on, but he had a prior commitment. He's one of the nicest famous people I know. To be that popular and non-arrogant requires serious patience and skill. And I believe he's in the UK this week. Dan'l Lewin's another speaker we'd tried to recruit. Unfortuantely, he too had a prior commitment.

So that's that. I still heart Scoble. And Scoble still hearts me. Honest. He told me so when we were playing poker last night.

Currently playing in my head : The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats


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