whoopsie - did I say that?

I was technoratiing myself today when I noticed that PokerGrub was nice enough to say some nice things about the launch event I did in Vegas a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I may have miscommunicated my position at Microsoft when I explaining a glitch with the IE 7 Beta 1 on the MSDN events resource DVD.

Clarification - I didn’t actually work on IE 7. I’ve been an evangelist for all of the time that I’ve been a Microsoftie. The IE 7 guys have been nice enough to work with me to get their beta bits on our DVD (which we mass replicated and distributed to attendees and customers at our launch events). And right about now would be a great time for us to get all kindsa nice feedback from (web) developers on how IE 7 beta 1 is behaving with their web apps.

So that’s that. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming…

Song roll : “ Photograph ” by “ Nickelback