WWYD - laptop dilemmas

I've been at the MTS here in Redmond for the most part of this week, and have been hanging out with geeks, a majority of who have laptops running MacOS or Linux. I get swayed very easily by shiny, neat looking thingies, and I must say, the Mac is one sexy looking beast.

I've decided that I now need a new laptop, that has decent horsepower, and has the Intel Core Duo processor in it. And, I'm confused. Hence, friends, I need your help. I've narrowed my choices down to :

  1.  The MacBook Pro

    I love the way this thing looks, but it runs an OS that I've hardly ever used. And the 2 or 3 times that I've used the OS, my experiences have been rather poor. How, oh how, can I run Windows on this sexy looking thang? “Oh but wait, Ai”, I was told, “have you heard of Bootcamp”?

    So, teh goods :

    • I love the way this thing looks.
    • Now, with BootCamp, I have the option of dual-booting Windows, which is hands-down my OS of choice. Or tri-booting Windows and Linux.
    • I have a soft spot for anything that has BAsh support.
    • Jason tells me it weighs about 5.6lbs.
      teh bads :
    • Bootcamp is in beta.
    • Hard to tell whether it'll be able to run Vista, at this time. 
  2. Toshiba Portege M400

    teh goods :

    • Looks hot.
    • Runs the Windows Tablet PC OS.
    • Will run Vista.
    • Weighs 4.5lbs.
    • Two of my friends, Tim and Rory, both have this machine, and they're pretty happy with it.
      teh bads :
    • Costs $3500 the way I want it configured (and that doesn't include the rocket propeller)
  3. Sony VAIO TX Series

    teh goods :

    • Tiny as tiny can be. If my fingers were to ever grow, I'm not sure I'd be able to use the keyboard.
    • Weighs almost nothing. I think my mouse weighs more than this computer.
    • Will run Vista.
    • Phenomenal battery life.
      teh bads :
    • Runs on a Pentium M 1.3GHz at best (today).
    • Supports a max of 1.5GBs of RAM.
    • $$$

So, here's how I suggest we proceed. You buy me either (1), (2) or (3) from above. I will thoroughly evaluate it for you, which will take me 3-5 years at the least, at which point in time, I will promptly return the device to you. You'll also need to send me a self-addressed postage-included (accounting for inflation) box so that I can send the thang back to you.

Seriously though, WWYD?