How to create list using custom list template using SharePoint object model


  • I have a custom list template uploaded to the List template gallery of the site
  • How can I create a new list whose template is custom list template using SharePoint object model

Sample Code:

Decription: GetCustomListTemplates(...) method of SPSite object gives the collection of the custom lists.
Just a note: ListTemplates property of SPWeb object returns ONLY the OOB list templates ( as a SPListTemplateCollection). It DOES NOT include the custom list templates (which are stored in the List Template gallery on the site.)

  1. Change the highlighted value in the below sample code appropriately.
  2. The title column value & NOT the name column value given to the custom list template (in the List Template Gallery) needs to be used in calling methods.

SPSite osite = new SPSite("http://anjalich11:2020");
SPWeb oweb = osite.OpenWeb();
SPListTemplateCollection listtempcol = oweb.Site.GetCustomListTemplates(oweb);
oweb.Lists.Add("TestList", "This is my list ", listtempcol["TestListSTP"]);
SPList olist = oweb.Lists["TestList"];
olist.OnQuickLaunch = true;