Can you crack this II?

Here are the next round questions

1. This was a jigsaw the we solved to get pictures with following words

go a little soft to find the latest one:-

picture of chicago the movie -----> statue of elvis  ---------> picture of london's eye Millenium wheel ---------> painting "whistler's mother" ---------> ?

2. This one had a song playing that I cannot put here. I solved it without using the song

why lock the key to common wealth?

pro bono help is not an encoded art

so, wales decided to share me with you

but now you have to play your part

at the land where this song comes from

people call me fast

who am i... ask me!

(other clues - poster of Fast and the Furious, Greek-English dictionary and Greek grammar books in a shelf, a globe/sphere in the background, piece of jigsaw puzzle in the background, audio clip of a song that sounds Hawaiian/Italian/Greek)

3. Do not use view source to crack this and find the font for encrypted part. You are supposed to do the decryption on your own and thats not the only thing you need to crack.


ana feels threatened while everyone finds me cool

now no one needs to sit like a dumb fool

i am an ugly bipod with huge antennae

i have a titanium front

and a solgel infra-red posterior

unfortunately this time machine uses no such material

who am i?

                        htaed neercs

4.  And the last one.

To reach the gate of glory and fame

You will have to guess my name...

My master's fame flew at unseen heights

When his tireless and unfed creation lost two dozen clocks

My master joined hands with the lord of the 'unexplored' skies

Together they created me and my swift brother...

My mischievous kin jumped off my belly

and disappeared into the ether...

If you think my master got cross,

You would be right, but it was no loss...