Can you crack this?: Solutions

First thing first sorry guys for not posting for so long was out for long time.

Here are the solutions:

  1. This was very straight forward. Blue Gene, the IBM super computer. Royal DNA (Gene) born out of sand (which is how you make silicon). It is the most powerful in the world now. Its kin can beat the russian master (which would be Deep Blue) and they proved to the japanese that they are faster (they beat Japans Earth simulator to take the top spot).
  2. We first went looking for somthing related to "Flash Gordon comic strip" but that was a wrong path to follow. We then just thought of looking into NASA missions to Mars and found the answer. Mars Exploration rover Spirit. it downloaded the first photograph on tuesday 6th Jan 2004 and then it abruptly ceased communicating with mission control due to a "Flash memory anomaly". It recently went over "Husband hill" (spouse).
  3. With this one we tried a lot of things but we finally got it by fluke. Akash had this stupid idea that the mystry part is related to the The Impact Theory by Luis and Walter Alveraz. This led us to K/T boundry and iridium and bingo we found our "Tennant". rest we just fitted. IRIDIUM - discovered by Smithson "Tennant". in London. - Atomic number 77 - Fortran also used 77 as version. 77 satellites planned but only 66 deployed, i.e. 6 taken out of 666 (devil's number). "Calling planet earth" tag line for failed Iridium project of IBM.

There are few more in the coming post.