Question: What's fine art photography?

Spike Mafford's reply:

" that's used as decor rather than a commercial application, like on a coffee mug or a packaging somehow."

Art is decor ... yikes, if you feel like starting a riot sometime, say that to some artists at an art opening. :)


I don't have the time or desire to get into a big debate about what is art, instead, I just wanted to share the Crossfader website with you, which is where I pulled that nugget of a quote from a video interview with the fine art photographer Spike Mafford.

I became aware of the Crossfader website a few years ago but didn't follow it and quickly forgot about it, but was reminded of it by someone I carpooled with last week. The site contains a lot of interesting video interviews with creatives working in all sorts of media, especially music. The site happens to be backed by Microsoft and one of the site's objectives is to, as they say, ".... see how great art is created using the PC and amazing software from a wide range of companies."

From the Crossfader About page:

Q. What is Crossfader?
A.  Crossfader is a online magazine aimed at the professional and next generation digital artists. Our main goal was to create a site that features video interviews and stories with artists who use technology in their work.  We feel the PC has transformed how art and expression is made and we’d like to share that story. Our motto is Artist. Creative. expression

Good stuff.