Building Applications Differently when Cloud Services Are Around to be used

So, "it's the end of the enterprise as we know it", there is "consumerisation of IT" that we need to figure out how to deal with. The use of some sort of cloud service is inevitable.

One thing for sure is that some sort of cloud integration services will be essential to make this new world of software plus services work across the enterprise boundaries and cloud services boundaries.

What about the hard core activity of designing and developing software components in this new world? what about the distributed computing principles that we about, the ACID transactions, the parallelism issues - would it all still work the same way when we build application spanning across the enterprise and services boundaries? To what extent does what we know about the architectural practices of doing enterprise application integration apply to this new world?

There is so much work to be done here, by the architects, by the researchers, by the practitioners looking at early adoptions... I see Pat Helland is already talking about how the way we build applications need to change in his wonderful presentation on "The Irresistable Forces Meet the Moveable Objects" presentation - love your work Pat!