Building Partitioned Enterprise Architecture Iteratively

This article on Enterprise Architecture is written in the usual witty Roger Session style, full of wonderful analogies. Fundamentally simple wisdoms, but how often we forget to practice these basic rules!

For those of you deep into the Enterprise Architecture profession, you will find this article a must read, you may also like to read my past blog on EA lessons learnt.

For those of you that usually prefer reading code snippets, I challenge you to read through the whole article before you make a judgement... towards the end of the article, you will find gems like:

"...the law of diminishing resource returns. The more people involved in a project, the less efficient the project as a whole becomes. The law of diminishing resource returns is a corollary of the famous Brooks' Law. Fred Brooks first observed over 30 years ago that adding more resources to a late software project only makes the project later [Bro]. For this and other observations he was awarded the Turning Prize in 1999 "

and my favourite rule is "Rule 3: Centralize Interoperability, Decentralize Implementations". Out of all the successful large projects in large organisations that I have seen, this is an invariant!