Get started on the next big thing!

Patrick forwarded me this latest article from Cringely. Yet another observation that is consistent with my past posting on "the end of the Enterprise as we know it".

Mike Platt also has been visiting enterprises around the world, and his findings thus far - back office and enterprise application integration is still a mess... bring on the new exciting rich media channel projects, community systems, customer workflows, and give us rich user experience!

and here is a great quote from Cringely's article:

"... a place run by salespeople and project managers with a sell and install mentality, even in services. There is no technical leadership, innovation or proper understanding of our customer's needs and requirements. The architecture profession is dysfunctional and cannot remediate itself. These factors may change, but not in the short term and when it does it is likely to be brutal, and I'm not patient enough to wait around until it does"

does this sound like your workplace? do you have better ideas than your management or IT strategy in your enterprise? If so, perhaps it's time to get on Web 2.0, and see if you cannot start the next big thing!