Meeting Virtual Earth guru

Today I had the privilege to meet Niall McDonnell - Lead Software Development Engineer for Virtual Earth Platform, Niall was just the sort of guy I expected a Lead Engineer to be like - soft spoken, unassuming, but with lots of substance! and boy did he have some fascinating technology to show us.

Niall is here in Sydney for a week on a recruitment drive, Microsoft regularly sends out a group of senior engineers around the world to interview the best minds in software engineering, Niall tells me he is extremely happy with the quality of applicants on this recruitment trip, and I was very happy to hear that Australia has a great pool of software engineering talent! Niall even took time out of his busy interviewing schedule to give a presentation to my old school - UNSW.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be a cool software engineer that builds innovative technologies that reaches millions of users, drop us a note!