My first TechEd Australia presentation!

I wish I had a lot more time to spend at TechEd... the dreadful thing was due to existing customer work commitments, I had to fly into Canberra Thursday, give my presentation on Realising Service Oriented Architecture, and fly out! I didn't even have enough time to chat with all my fellow architect friends, my former colleagues from CSIRO, or to meet and greet many of Frank's developer friends. To the people that came up to me after my presentation, I'm sorry I seemed really distracted - and didn't answer many of your questions properly - well I had a 6:30pm flight to catch to come back to Sydney :-( if any of you are reading this out there - please do not hesitate to fire me your questions, and I shall endeavour to answer them properly!

Anyway, so that was my first TechEd presentation as a Microsoft Employee, and that was really fun. To have the chance to meet 200 or so of you out there, and to share with you something I'm really passionate about - ARCHITECTURE!