My Interview Style

I've been doing lots of interviews recently, whilst building up the core team. There are still quite a few more open positions - that I'm in the loop for interviewing.

Interviewing people is something that takes good practice and good preparation. Good preparation definitely pays off - highly evident through the people you select.

For those that bother to look me up online (once you're told I'm your interviewer) - I shall reward you with telling you about my interview style - afterall, you get a point for doing preparation.

- I always go into the interview with a list of questions that I ask all interviewees. This ensures consistency, and gives me a good comparison baseline.

- For technical roles, I always ask some indepth technical questions, I firmly believe in intellectual horsepower goes a long way. I do not specifically ask about 'technical knowledge', but more around 'design' and 'problem solving'

- For non-technical roles, team work and collaboration is a strong focus. obviously getting an understanding of your work style and assessment for culture fit is important.

- I always leave plenty of Q&A time at the end, this is in fact the time where I find I learn most about the interviewee, ie. through the questions they ask! this truly reveals how insightful and how ready and keen they are about the role.

Look forward to meeting some of you soon,