on MSDN frontpage

I was pleasantly surprised to find all these Australian news items on the international MSDN home page:

Tech Talk Blogs Microsoft Australia has launched a community blogging portal for local Technology bloggers. Frank Arrigo has been compiling this list of the last couple of years and now we have over 200 Australian Technology bloggers. Add you blog today!

Its Showtime Australia Showtime has reached Australia. Here you will find a listing of Technology web casts synchronised with power point slides delivered by international speakers. We will soon have our very own Security Web Sessions available.

Developer Community User Groups Here you will find a listing of developer related user groups in Australia. The listing here will allow you to find basic information regarding the user groups and their activities. Most User Groups meet monthly so get along and meet with some peers, to More...

CodecampOZ Code Camp Oz will be in Wagga on April 23rd/24th 2006. We've picked a Sunday/Monday format to allow for travel on Saturday the 22nd and Tuesday the 25th (Anzac Day holiday) so even for people travelling a long way, that should only mean a single day off More...

upon closer inspection, this is what they've done: http://msdn1.microsoft.com/en-US/preferences/lang/default.aspx

way cool!