Prospects for Consumer-oriented Online Services in Spatial Information

I popped into the CRCSI conference on Monday. There were some very interesting Global Big Issues being presented and discussed.

What opened my eyes and got me excited was this intersting set of observation, as well as the view into the future presented by Dr Vincent Tao (who is also presenting at NICTA in Melbourne as I blog):

- We typically search with 'local intent', think of 'GPS Phones', taking pictures, and many other daily activities are location based. Now with the conusumerisation of spatial information online, there is an abundance of technology/research potentials as well as business opportunities.

- with the current information and data indexed on the web, think of the amazing possibilities of using the location dimension, as well as the time dimension as the index, and what interesting usage scenarios/patterns that could create

- A new term for me - "L-Commerce": the Longtail of business and advertising is about local

- the evolution of online mapping technology and its usage patterms:

Map and Directions - where is the dentist office? to...

Map and search - what is the phone number for the dentist office? to...

local search - who is the best dentist around here? to...

local services - make my appointment with the dentist (with direct integration from my phone/Outlook to the dentist's booking system)

Now, this must be sufficient research direction/startup ideas for the day - for you all to get out there and create the next greatest startup based on an online mapping service like Virtual Earth!