Reference Application Pack for Loan Origination Systems

Mike Walker has been doing some great work in packaging up some great guidance on building Loan Origination Systems:

Loan Origination Reference Architecture Pack for BankingIn the loan origination business, there are many business drivers for banks: process consolidation, regulatory compliance, and faster product delivery (loan completion). Loan products change frequently and are usually dynamic based on location (regional or state). Developing and modifying products in an agile manner enables banks to be highly competitive and adaptable in key markets. Also, compiling and staying on top of regulatory laws is always a challenge given the turbulent changes happening in the industry today. Banks are now trying to consolidate processes to reduce this complexity and maximize value.

To achieve these objectives the Office Business Applications (OBA) Reference Application Pack (RAP) for Loan Origination Systems (OR-LOS) will provide:

  • Architecture Guidance – a set of whitepapers that are real world scenario driven to help guide architects through the decision making processes of building loan architectures.

  • Application Building Blocks -  An installable code base, message schemas, BizTalk accelerator and install guides will jump start your development effort.

  • Web Casts

Building feature-rich, composite-style applications is the goal of architecture. Using this technology, financial services organizations can migrate to an SOA with more ease than ever before. We will use Microsoft’s 2007 Office System provides a platform for building composite solutions, called Office Business Applications (OBAs), designed to support cross-functional processes and allow information workers to collaborate. Additionally we will use BizTalk to provide rich message bus features.