ReMIX Australia 2007 Registered Attendees

This is the event that Shane, Scott, Michael, Dave, Frank, Nick and Nick have all blogged about.

Monique (who unfortunately doesn't yet blog) just sent through some data on who is attending the event, and it's exciting to see this list of job titles: Web Designer, Media Developer, Design Director, Senior Interaction Designer, System Design Analyst, User Interface Designer, Usability Consultant, Graphic Designer, Chief Technical Officer, Innovations Officer, Product Manager, User Experience Architect, Producer, Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Web Manager, Web Client Manager, Digital Production Manager, Experience Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Program Manager, Network Software Analyst, Architect, UI Developer, Account Director, Managing Director, Operations Manager...

Wow! I am so looking forward to meeting this group of people that work in quite different circles to my past Enterprise Architecture community!

If you have an equally exciting job title and are excited about what the "Next Web" has in store for us, come hang out with us all at ReMIX Australia.