Seven Things you need to know about Ajax

At the recent NZ TechEd, an audience member came up to me after my presentation and chatted about the current downsides of using Ajax. Ever since then, I've been meaning to compile a list of 'reality checks on Ajax'.

Well, Dion has beat me to it, and he calls them the "What Every Software Project Needs to Know About Ajax":

  1. The Browser was never meant for Ajax
  2. You won't need as many web services as you think
  3. Ajax is more involved than traditional web design and development
  4. Ajax tooling and components are still emerging and there is no clear leader today
  5. Good Ajax programmers are hard to find
  6. One must actively address Ajax's constraint of the browser model
  7. Ajax is only one element of a successful RIA strategy

Great words of wisdom Dion!