The Architectural Last Mile and Internet Singularity

Day 2 of SAF just wrapped up. I'm now back in my hotel room, thinking back on the exciting day I've had:

Norm Judah kicked off with his presentation on "The Architectural Last Mile", he focused on the key challenges around getting good user adoption and operational excellence, in the context of how the next generation being true digital natives have vastly different collaboration/communication needs and styles, and as enterprise leaders, how we should cater for and empower this new workforce of the very near future. Gary Flake followed with something different - he gave us some fascinating dotcom analogies and stories illustrating the potential disruptive powers of smaller/more efficient organisations in context of the Innovator's dillemma, and touched on the Long Tail, and showed us a great demo of Photosynth.

But the best things at SAF are not just the keynotes, lots of fascinating architectural issues are being discussed at the roundtables and corridors...