USMT V3 (Beta) - Including NonStandard Files in Nonstandard Locations

Occasionally, when working with the User State Migration Tool, it may be necessary to force the scanstate and loadstate functions to find file types that are not necessarily part of a user's standard profile. One particular customer I've been working with had an explicit need to copy over an entire folder structure of QuickBooks files, separated into multiple sub folders. The standard USMT did not pick up these files, so we had to add the following component to the UserMig.xml file (although it could be specified as a separate configuration file).

<!--This component finds known folder structures that may exist on user workstations. It will be updated with additional extension types as changes are discovered during the migration. Items are moved on the new machine to their original locations.-->
<component type="Documents" context="System">
<displayName>DOR Specific Folder Structures</displayName>
<role role="Data">
<!-- migrate data for QuickBooks. Note that this just picks up known locations. -->
<pattern type="File">C:\Program Files\* [*.qb*]</pattern>