SQL Server Modeling Services announcement

The code name “Oslo” repository now has the official name “SQL Server Modeling Services”. SQL Server Modeling Services will be a SQL Server workload like SQL Server Reporting Services. Details will be announced at the PDC where the most relevant session is http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/SVR19. You can also read about it online at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd129586(VS.85).aspx.

In Microsoft, like most organizations, it is hard to get things done when you are in different organizational units and on different schedules. This move makes the repository team firmly part of the SQL Server team and on the same schedule. Thus this change will make alignment and deep integration of the repository with rest of the SQL Server platform easier. Also it provides a simple setup experience and much simpler licensing model for customers. Already, there are many planned changes for the next version of SQL Server that will make for a much stronger metadata store and overall platform.