Approved Limited Messaging in BingAds

Why is Approved Limited Messaging changing?

Approved Limited error messaging has been a source of confusion for many advertisers in the past. So what really does it mean to say that a given ad or keyword's delivery status is "Approved Limited"? Approved Limited may actually be good news. It means your item is already approved in at least one of your targeted markets. Read this article for more details.  

So why exactly this “Approved Limited” status is causing confusion to users? We have heard feedback from Advertisers that  sometimes they are getting "Approved Limited" error messages for their ads and keywords for countries/markets that they did not opt into. We have heard about this pain-point and we have fixed it!


What has changed?


Thebehavior of BingAds previously was this: An advertiser creates an ad and targets a particular market say UK. Even though advertiser opts-in to only one market (UK), BingAds was showing him editorial error messages from countries like US, CA even through the advertiser did not opt-in to these countries. This behavior was seen in Bing Ads UI as well as in Bing Ads Editor. This was causing  confusion to the advertiser. See screenshots below:

In Bing Ads WebUI:


Bing Ads Editor:




After this fix, BingAds will show editorial error messages only for those markets to which the advertiser has explicitly targeted to. For eg, in the above example, if the advertiser has opted-in to UK alone, only if there are editorial rejections for UK, the advertiser will be seeing it  in WebUI and Bing Ads editor. In the below examples, since the gambling ad was approved in UK (which was the only market the advertiser has opted-in to), the ad is shown as approved.

In Bing Ads WebUI:



 Bing Ads Editor:



We hope that with this false alarm gone, advertisers can spend time on optimizing the campaigns so that they can leverage the full power of BingAds.  Now, it’s your turn! Have you seen these changes in Bing Ads or Bing Ads editor? What do you think? Are you facing any other issue while using Bing Ads? Plz let us know in the comments section.