Demo of ProPlus add-in readiness tools - Office ProPlus Application compatibility

We know Office add-in application compatibility can be a concern for many enterprises when they are planning a ProPlus migration. What I mean by Office add-in compat is that: Enterprises generally depend on Office for their most business-critical processes. Some of these business-critical processes are enabled using either internally developed or third-party add-ins. The concern from some of the Enterprise IT is whether these add-ins would continue to work seamlessly as they migrate from say Office 2010 to Office ProPlus.

In this video, I talk about a tool that we are working towards and which is available in limited public preview pilot program. The idea of sharing this with you is to show you what we are working towards and get feedback. Please watch the video to see a quick demo of the ProPlus Add-in readiness tool. Let us know what you think!




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