Using Windows Analytics for Office add-in ProPlus readiness


In this video, I talk about how you can use Windows Analytics to evaluate your organization’s ProPlus readiness. Windows Analytics is essentially a way for organizations to see an inventory of their windows applications. Recently we added a capability to Windows analytics which helps it to gather inventory of Office add-ins as well. If your organization is already on Windows analytics, you would be able to see this inventory list of office add-ins. In addition to this, we have also published the ProPlus readiness information of many add-ins.

In this video, I show you how you can combine your organization-specific Office add-in inventory available today in Windows analytics with the ProPlus readiness information is publicly available in an excel. Combining these two sets of data, helps you to identify how ready your organization is for ProPlus.


What is Windows Analytics and how can my organization use it? 

How do I access the ProPlus readiness information of Office add-ins? For more information on how to use this excel sheet, please refer: