Brian Harry is now Technical Fellow

Yes - it was bound to happen - sooner rather than later. Brian Harry is now Technical Fellow at Microsoft!! Totally kickass!

For the uninitiated, here's a description of what Technical Fellow is: Technical Fellows represent the highest stage of technical achievement at Microsoft. To be a Technical Fellow at Microsoft, one must truly be a thought leader and drive innovation that has industry-wide influence and impact. We expect these most senior technical leaders to embody the best qualities of technical leadership, innovation, communication, results and customer focus.

I remember the first time I interacted with Brian - I had just joined MSFT right out of college then. I was involved in a flame war with him because he resolved a security bug I filed as "By Design". It hurt my ego greatly and I had to get even with the moronic dev who didn't understand security was a prime concern for product development at MSFT <snigger> So, in the flames that ensued, Brian promptly demonstrated how fixing that "bug" would actually mean locking an admin out of his own system :) Well, well, did I say moronic?

From writing blogs on the simplest facets of the product to driving transparency with customers to levels that DevDiv has never seen before, his community engagement is truly exemplary. His ultra close involvement with the product code is well known the org. I mean, this guy still checks in code and does code reviews on a regular basis along with writing some nifty tools in between. He personally publishes our TFS dogfood stats and also updates it on his blog regularly. I guess his day consists of 48 hours.

Well, in a nutshell, I'm delighted that we have him here at Team System! Congrats Brian! Rock on!