How do you add same test to multiple test lists?

Ok - I have to log this one...I have heard this q from at least half a dozen folks. In the VSTT Test Manager, how do you add tests to multiple test lists? For those of you that have used pre RTM builds, you must have seen the drag and drop feature where I could drop tests into multiple lists by just dragging the test into those lists as many times. But, now you can't do that - the drag and drop functions like a Move versus the earlier Copy functionality. Once I move a test into a test list, the next time I drag and drop the test, it shifts to the new test list instead of replicating itself.

The trick is to hit Ctrl while dragging the test. This overloads the drag and drop action into an action where the test is now part of multiple test lists instead of getting moved about. Personally, I don't like this model too much - it's sorta cryptic to first time users! But then, I can't think of a great alternative for a move action either. So, I guess, it is the Ctrl drag that we will use to cop into multiple lists, for now at least.