I love Windows Live Writer!

OMG! This has got to be the best blog writer tool I have ever seen! Forgive my drooling...but Live writer has just enchanted me with it's great features.

The setup is a ZERO hassle process akin to the marvelous setup experiences I've had with Outlook 2007. The rich editing and inline spell check features are a blast and the html has got to be the cleanest ever. Removing the extra bekaar tags that get inserted with other authoring tools was a sufficient deterrent to stop me from continuing to use those. The UI looks ultra-sleek and gives a squeaky-clean feeling. Recent posts show up and allow editing/preview with single clicks. Sweet!

Of course, I went berserk trying different plugins - and as with most products, some of the plugins seem to be more like features that fit in perfectly but did not figure into the prioritized list for the tool. Most importantly, I lovvvvved the "insert picture" feature - that has got to be the NUMBER ONE problem that most bloggers I know seemed to face. It's such a breeze now! And just for kicks, here is one of my favorite pics - Partha with a friend.

Thanks, Abhinaba and Srivatsn for pointing me to it. smile_regular (oh - I just wanted to use the smiley from ScottIsAFool's plugin smile_wink)