Rosario is here!

If you still(!!!) haven't heard, Rosario CTP is out in the form of a VPC here :) Doug's whitepaper should give you enough info to take it out for a spin.

Manual Test Runner(MTR) is a key part of the CTP. It is a tool designed to help manual testers to load up their test plans and execute those with the support of additional tools like one-click screenshot, one-click bug with pre-filled repro and more such exciting stuff. Test case management(TCM) is another key piece where we have tried to fill the missing piece in the existing VSTT SKU. There is a tool window right inside VS IDE where you can create/modify/manage test cases, test run definitions and test runs and save them in the TCM server which has your team project's source code and work items. Then, load up the test runs in MTR and go. Publish the test results back into the TCM server and look at the cool reports that show how your test team is doing.

Do check it out and tell me how it goes!