TechMela, ahoy!

TechMela is the "biggest technical event of the year" in India and will replace the Tech Ed events that Microsoft traditionally had in many cities in India. I'll be part of a VSTT talk on 16th June, specifically talking more about how we use our own Team System features internally. Brian Harry does a fantastic job of bringing transparency into this with his mind boggling set of stats that he uploads monthly on his blog. I'll extend into how we dogfood TST as well - so testers outside of MSFT can get a peek at how we use our own products for testing. Abhishek Mathur, our PM will present the new Orcas features of VSTST as well.

So, do drop by to say hi or rave/rant about VSTS if you are planning on attending. (Yeah - I know, even though my blog maybe read by a grand 2 and a half readers, I still wrote this to humour myself :)