Testers only, please!

Here is the address for a new testers' club: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=1600&SiteID=1

Ok, so, it's yet another forum where testers can get together and share info, solve problems collectively. Why would I be excited? Well, that's because this is the first time we have had something like this on our very own MSDN forums - it's like a party for your buddies at your own house :)

I have been at Microsoft for four years now and I know for sure that we take testing really seriously here. We have some kick ass people thinking about process, tools and engineering practices specifically for testing. IMO, we have not been talking about our testing processes and tools externally as much as we could. Conversely, I am sure there are other testers with some pretty cool processes, tools and ideas that they would love to share with folks outside. This forum looks like the right place to share such stuff.

As a tester in Microsoft, I am glad that we have a forum now on MSDN, where we can talk to other testers in our ilk, not just about Microsoft products, but testing in general. I am pretty thrilled about the new forum and I hope this is a useful platform for testers to build a great community.

And yes - you can expect to see me shouting over the roof tops about my current favorite topic of manual testing and why I think it's the black sheep of all testing topics ;-) See you there!