Update on Silverlight UI automation release

[Update on 11/14/2010] The Silverlight UI automation features are now released and available for public download here

[Update on 11/7/2010] Last week at Dev Connections, we announced that the Silverlight UI automation tools will be available as part of the VS 2010 feature pack 2, slated to be released in a couple of weeks.Once it is available, here is where you can get Feature Pack 2]

I am back to post an update on Silverlight UI automation that so many of you have been asking about! I have cut back on blogging after I realized how great a tool Twitter is for microblogging – that’s now officially the fastest way to reach me :-) https://twitter.com/anutthara 

We continue to be on track for an RTM release of the Silverlight UI automation plugin by end of year. We have a limited preview CTP underway for a select set of CTP participants – this is on track to be released in a couple of weeks. This will be an alpha build with limited scenarios enabled.

I can still squeeze in a few more customers on the CTP list – so, if you would like to evaluate the CTP, please write in to me via the “email blog author” link. I’ll get back to you about what the CTP program entails.