Where are the 1.4 million developers of India?

As I sit here @ Tech Ed 2009 in Hyderabad, that’s what I am wondering looking at the sparse audience in the first session of the day. (Yeah right, I was expecting half of the million developers to turn up here ;-) ) Sigh - given the current economic condition and the fact that Tech Ed is still a fairly new event in Hyderabad, the participation might just be expected to be not-so-high after all.

Anyway, AmitC gave a great demo of all the wonderful features we’ve built as part of VSTS 2010. It covered all our value propositions in breadth and there were several “wow” moments in the crowd when he demo-ed test impact, no more no repro and the virtualization capability added newly in VSTS 2010. Bunch of interesting qs from the audience around specific features in test.

SteveB’s keynote opened the talk – he talked a little bit about how IT is impacted by the current economy, gave a peek of the product lineup we have coming out this year from MSFT and answered a host of qs around Azure, Win7 and VSTS 2010. (Oh – our branding is now official for Test and Lab)

Neelesh gave a terrific talk on the load and web test features in Orcas. It is actually funny to see so many folks say they have VSTS 2008 Team Suite, but a large chunk of them not know any of the Team Test features. :-) Of course, with 2010, we have a complete first class test offering – so Team Test should really make a splash with our users. Looking forward to feedback on our Beta1…