Workspaces M1 complete

Last week we reached a significant milestone on the road to v1, with the VS.NET source control provider reaching code complete. Almost all source control functions support by the IDE now act directly on a Workspace in much the same way they would with a local SourceSafe database (less sharing and graphical diffing).

At the moment we're in the process of implementing the activity tracking system in the application. All kinds of activity is now noted (checkins, release downloads, news posts, to name a few) and scored per Workspace. These scores are regularly ordered to determine a ranking of Workspaces, so that those with the most attention soon rise to the top of the list. We're undoubtedly going to have to tweak some parameters to get the scoring just right, but that's something that's been designed for.

It looks as though we're on target for a May/June release. There's no fixed date just yet, but that should follow in due course.