Developer Camp .NET 開発者のための Metro スタイル アプリ実践編 フォローアップ



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Message dialog sample

Defining layout, navigation, and commands (C#/C++/VB)

Adding controls and content

Quickstart: Animating your UI

Quickstart: Adding app settings using XAML

XAML essential controls sample

XAML images sample

XAML text sample

XAML WebView control sample

XAML user and custom controls sample

Responding to the appearance of the on-screen keyboard sample

XAML AppBar control sample

XAML FlipView control sample

XAML data binding sample

XAML ListView and GridView essentials sample

XAML ListView and GridView customizing interactivity sample

XAML GridView grouping and SemanticZoom sample

Snap sample

Scaling according to DPI sample

Display orientation sample

XAML scrolling, panning, and zooming sample

XAML animation library sample

Animation metrics sample

XAML personality animations sample

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App contracts and extensions

Adding search to a Metro style app

Adding app settings

Adding share

Search sample

Sharing content source app sample

Sharing content target app sample

App settings sample

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How to activate an app

How to suspend an app

How to resume an app

Association launching sample

Splash screen sample

Lock screen apps sample

Background task sample

Background transfer download sample

Configure keyboard keys for media sample (バックグラウンドオーディオとメディアコントロール)

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Creating tiles

Updating badges

Pinning secondary tiles

Sending toast notifications

How to show notifications on the lock screen

Delivering notifications

App tiles and badges sample

Secondary tiles sample

Push and periodic notifications client-side sample

Scheduled notifications sample

Raw notifications sample

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Quickstart: Touch input

Touch keyboard sample

XAML user input events sample (pointer and gesture events)

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XAML media playback sample

XAML media player sample

Playlist sample

Media Play To sample

PlayToReceiver sample

Transcoding media sample

Media capture using webcam sample

CameraCaptureUI Sample

CameraOptionsUI Sample

Accelerometer sensor sample

Geolocation sample

Compass sensor sample

SimpleOrientationSensor sample

OrientationSensor sample

LightSensor sample

Gyrometer sensor sample

Inclinometer sensor sample

Proximity sample

Bluetooth call control sample